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Review: Moonshifted by Cassie Alexander

(Edie Spence)
Cassie Alexander
Release: November 27, 2012
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After surviving a brutal vampire attack, Nurse Edie Spence is ready to get back to work—attending to supernatural creatures in need of medical help. But her nursing skills are put to the test when she witnesses a hit-and-run on her lunch break. The injured pedestrian is not only a werewolf, he’s the pack leader. And now Edie’s stuck in the middle of an all-out were-war…

With two rival packs fighting tooth and nail, Edie has no intention of crossing enemy lines. But when she meets her patient’s nephew—a tattooed werewolf named Lucas with a predatory gleam in his eye that’s hard to resist—Edie can’t help but choose sides. The question is: can she trust this dangerous new ally? And can she trust her own instincts when she’s near him? Either way, Edie can’t seem to pull away—even if getting involved makes her easy prey…

Moonshifted is more interesting than its predecessor, Nightshifted, but still suffers some stumbles. The first half of the book meanders along and I'm not really sure what the heck was supposed to be happening, but it wasn't. Things finally come together in the story's last half, with the pace picking up significantly.

Although I like Edie's world in theory I still have difficulty connecting to her as a heroine. I appreciate that Edie is just a normal person surrounded by the supernatural, but it does grate on me a little that she can't do anything to protect or defend herself.

I do like all of Edie's supernatural friends. Anna, the vampire child that Edie saved in the previous book, needs Edie's help again. Although she's not really in the book that much, Anna still stands out as one of my favorite characters in this series. I also like Asher, Edie's sometimes lover and always friend. His shapeshifter abilities are slightly creepy, but he's always there for Edie when she needs him and something about him is sexy.

New in this installment are a family of werewolves and I really loved everything about them. The politics and deception was terrific, but it was Lucas, the sexy wolf next in line to be the Alpha, who really won me over. I wanted him to possibly be the romantic interest I've been waiting for in this series, but Edie acts like a complete weirdo with everything involving Lucas so I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

At least Ti, Edie's zombie ex boyfriend, is absent for the entirety of this book. He is not my favorite character in this series, but it does look like he's expected in the next installment.

I'd recommend this series, but with reservations. It feels like sometimes the author is stumbling through the story and other times things feel right on track. I continue to read these books hoping she will finally hit her stride, and so I will check out the third in the series for sure.

Recommended for fans of: hospital drama, paranormal creatures, and werewolves.

This review is based on an advance copy of the book, provided by the publisher.

 3.5 / 5 stars

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  1. I thought the author did a lot better this second time around. I love how NORMAL her heroine is; such a rare thing to find in UF! But I agree, the zoombie bf from Nightshifted was just plain creepy!


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