Thursday, November 29, 2012

Follow Friday (41)

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Guys, I'm back! I haven't done FF in FOREVER but this question sounded fun so here I am!

This week's question:

Activity! Who is your to-die-for book crush? 
What do you think they look like? 
Add an image to make us all happy.

If you want me to narrow it down to ONE book crush you'll have to tie me down and threaten me within an inch of my life...and even then I don't think I could do it...

Let's just say JZB and Bones are both a big DUH and half the people on the FF linky will pick them so I'll leave them off my list...but just know they are in my top five!

Downside Ghosts series
“His hands on the sides of her face, on her neck, holding her there. "Chessie...shit, Chessie, I love you so bad." His teeth on her throat, biting hard, his lips soothing the spot. "So fucking much, bad.”

Shadow Readers series
“If I were a good man,” he says, “I’d acknowledge that he is an honorable fae.....I’d step down and let you have the man you’ve always wanted, but, McKenzie, I’m not as good as him. I never will be, and I can’t step down. I’ll fight for the chance to be with you.”

Kane Daniels series
We stared at each other. The tiny space between us felt too hot. Muscles bulged on his naked frame. He looked feral.
Mad gold eyes stared into mine. "Do you miss me, Kate?"
I closed my eyes trying to shut him out. I could lie then we would be back to square one. Nothing would be resolved. I'd still be alone, hating him and wanting him.
He grabbed my shoulders and shook me once. "Do you miss me?"
I took the plunge. "Yes.”

Lux series
"Daemon kissed like he was a man starving for water, taking long, breathless drafts. [...] Touching him, kissing him, was like having a fever all over again. I was on fire. My body burned. The world burned. Sparks flew." 

Charley Dabvidson series
"Take off that sweater and give me ten minutes, and you'll believe beyond a shadow of a doubt you're in love."

Who are your book crushes?

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Happy Friday!


  1. I had trouble choosing just one too, do you mind if I just sit and stare at your pics for awhile :)

    My FF

  2. I love Curran as well. Can't wait for the next book.


  3. Ahh! What a fantastic list! And yes I do love Reyes and Curran as well..

    although... I would have been one of the obvious ones taking Barrons!!!

  4. Great droolish matches. New follower, looking forward to getting to know you and your blog.

  5. Oh my! I love your picks...I'm a fan of Terrible myself, as well as Curran and Daemon. Yummy! I am a new GFC follower. Love your blog...very clever name! =)
    Bookworm Brandee

  6. I have not read any of these books but great visual choices :)

    New Follower: Marissa @ For The Love Of Film And Novels

  7. You have some awesome picks. Simon Baker - great choice. And Daemon - yeah, I featured him too!

    New Follower :)

    My FF @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog

  8. Haven't read any of these series but I do like the pictures :) Also, your blog design is fab!
    New follower! Happy Friday!

    Judith @ Paper Riot

  9. Ah... Daemon! He is hot! Awesome other picks as well. :)

    New follower! :)

    The Readdicts Feature & Follow Friday

    Sarika @ The Readdicts

  10. I had Daemon too and I love your other picks!
    New follower =)
    My FF

  11. Jonathan <3 If he played all the book crushes I have, I wouldn't mind, haha.

    FF - Mel@thedailyprophecy.

  12. Hi, from a new follower!

    Yet more series for my TBR pile! :)

  13. Great choices!!! New follower via GFC! Here's my F&F post. Have a great weekend!

  14. I of course agree with Terrible but I haven't had the pleasure of meeting these other guys. I better get on that ;)

  15. I still need to meet Reyes, Aren, Daemon, and Curran. But, I love Terrible, JZB, and Bones! Old follower.


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