Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cover Reveal: Dance of the Red Death

Dance of the Red Death
(Masque of the Red Death #2)
Bethany Griffin
Release: April 23, 2013

My review of Masque of the Red Death

For me this is not as incredible as the cover for book one. The red and black on that cover really went well with the story in the book. This cover almost looks a little too light and pretty for such a dark story. Maybe that means this one will be a lighter story? Somehow I doubt that. I still like this cover a lot, its just not quite as alluring as the first one. 

What do you think of the cover for this sequel? Leave your comments below!


  1. Ooooooohhh! Purple! Even though I am a purple nut! I love the first cover better too! Red just works! I kinda like this one too, but it just doesn't stand out as much!

  2. Very pretty! Thanks for sharing; I'm always a sucker for some good eye candy in the morning to help kick start my day!

  3. The colors aren't bad, but there is something that is bothering me about that model. I'm viewing this from my phone, so I may be seeing this wrong, but she looks like a really tall kid.


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