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Blogoversary - Day 5

It's here! It's here!
Blogoversary and 1,000 Followers Giveaway!

*throws confetti*

Welcome to Day 5 of my Blogoversary! 

I can NOT believe its already been a whole year! 
AND just to make things even better, I just hit 1, 000 followers a couple weeks ago!

*throws more confetti*

Each day this week, Monday through Friday, I am posting some of my favorite reviews from the past year as well as a different giveaway every day! So be sure to come back every day and enter. All giveaways will end Sunday night (August 3).

To keep my posts from being crazy long, I am only posting bits and pieces from the reviews I'm sharing. You can can find links to all reviews in their entirety under the Reviews tab.

Today's Favorite Reviews: Book Obsessions

Head Rush
(Disillusionist Trilogy #3)
Carolyn Crane

Goodreads     Amazon

Notable Book Quotes:
"I used to say happiness was the absence of something - the absence of darkness, hate, fear. Especially fear. I thought, if I could get rid of my fear, life would be great...I see that I was wrong. Happiness isn't about getting rid of my fear. Happiness is when something outshines my fear." 
With that I skate off from the man that was once my hero, leaving him there in the dark parking garage, with all his plans, hopes and dreams. This man I will attack and betray tonight. The man I just might die with. 
"In some parts of the world they don't have a word for snow, because they don't know what it is. I never had a word for this. Love's too trite. It's more than that - just more".

Review Quotes:

 Head Rush, the final book in this amazing trilogy. Carolyn Crane is a talented writer that really knows how to keep your head spinning. The surprises and twists keep coming, the love scenes are hot hot hot, and the first person point of view never gets annoying. 

Oh Packard. What a wonderfully flawed hero. He is completely amazing in a totally messed up way. 

I wanted the wrongs of book two righted immediately! But Crane makes us wait, showing us all the while just how powerful Otto is. 

The Hour of Dust and Ashes
(Charlie Madigan #3)
Kelly Gay

Notable Book Quotes:
"Bare knuckles and butterflies, that's me." 
“For the record,” he said, looking up at me with a crooked smile, “this is not how I pictured removing your pants for the first time.”
“That confidant, are we?” 
His smiled filled out, deep and brimming with humor. “When something is this inevitable. Yes.” 
He tossed my wet pants into the pile with the rest of my soiled clothes, then turned back and froze.
"You're wearing SpongeBob underwear."
My gaze flew downward and my mortification was finally complete. "Emma got them for me...for my birthday." What the hell. I might as well get it over with. "Patrick is on my ass."

Review Quotes:

Speaking of super hot and sexy (nice segway, right?), the tension continues to build (and build and build and build...) between Hank and Charlie in this book. Gay writes the slowly developing romance that I love in urban fantasies. The sexual tension between these two is delicious, and I love how in each book we learn more and more about Hank.

Everything in Gay's world is completely believable, and that is a testament to her excellent writing and her wonderful imagination.

 This series is insanely good and highly recommended! 

The Shadow Reader
(McKenzie Lewis #1)
Sandy Williams

Goodreads     Amazon

Notable Book Quotes:
“If I were a good man,” he says, “I’d acknowledge that he is an honorable fae.....I’d step down and let you have the man you’ve always wanted, but, McKenzie, I’m not as good as him. I never will be, and I can’t step down. I’ll fight for the chance to be with you.” 
"I dedicated my life to my king. I should have dedicated it to you". 
“Fine," he says, his words coming out breathless. "I'll save your precious sword-master, McKenzie. But I will never, ever give you back to him.”
Review Quotes:

A-MAZ-ING. How is it possible that more people are not talking about this book? I stayed up till four in the morning two nights in a row to read this was that good. And this is from a debut author? Holy crap, I can't wait to see what else she has in store for us.

And the men.....oooooh, the men! The love triangle in this book is the very best kind - there is no right or wrong answer, no smarter choice.

Ahhhhhhhh!!! (That's my fangirl scream...). This book was simply amazing. You spend most of the time trying to decide who the bad guy is and who the good guy is, and how on earth this is going to end. The story was spellbinding, addictive, and reminiscent of Moning's Fever series. Even though I can see how a reader might be on either team here, I am literally in love with Aren. Add him to my book boyfriends list! And read this book......NOW!

Chasing Magic
(Downside Ghosts #5)
Stacia Kane

Notable Book Quotes:
"Warmth spread through her chest and up to her face, warmth that had nothing to do with pills or booze or anything else. It was trust heating her from the inside, making her feel like a real live person who mattered. The kind of trust she didn't think he gave to anyone else. The thought made something swell inside her, something wonderful and painful all of once. The kind of trust she knew she didn't deserve." 
"Shit. You so fuckin pretty, Chessie. True thing. So. . . . .ain't even can breathe sometimes." 
She was still who she was, after all. A junkie, a liar, someone who didn't know how to have a relationship, someone who really didn't deserve whatever happiness she managed to find. Someone terrified she'd do the wrong thing, say the wrong thing, terrified that she was going to fuck this up like she did everything else.
Review Quotes:

Stacia Kane knocks another one out of the park with my favorite installment so far in this gritty and intense urban fantasy series.

Kane's uncompromising portrayal of Chess is one of my favorite things about this series. I have never read another book that digs so deeply into the mind and soul of its main character. Kane certainly doesn't glorify drug use, but neither does she give Chess unrealistic characteristics or goals. Chess is Chess.

Terrible is just as charming and lovable in this book as always. Sometimes in between books in this series I forget why it is that I adore him so damn much, but Chasing Magic reminded me why I love me some Terrible. He loves Chess come hell or high water, and he sticks by her side knowing who and what she is, always there for her at her best or worst.

Stacia Kane could take a poo on the floor and call it "Pooping Magic" and I would almost certainly love it! She is an amazingly talented author that delivers again and again!

Giveaway Day 5
(This one is international!)

August 7th Releases
Book Obsessions to Come!

Winner's Choice: Pre-order of one of these!

Two Weeks' Notice (Revivalist #2)
Biting Cold (Chicagoland Vampires #6)
Girl of Nightmares (Anna #2)

 You must be 13 or older to enter. This giveaway is international as long as you live somewhere The Book Depository ships!

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  1. I love Carolyn Crane's Disillutionist trilogy! I was having a bit of a UF slump back when I discovered them. :)

  2. So many great reads to look forward to :) Girl of Nightmares sounds like a great sequel.

  3. I would like to discover the disilutionist series as well as the charlie madigan one. Both are on my wish list

    Thank you a lot for this international giveaway ( i was feeling a bit left out at first ^^) it would be great to win the us edition of biting cold*____*

  4. Oh love your fav books, there are some I still need to read but have them at home. thanks for the giveaway!

  5. I totally agree with your choice of books, Stacia Kane especially - I have her last two books on my shelf waiting to be read. She is my guilty pleasure and of the best UF authors I know.

  6. Happy Bloggesary

    Love to win Stacia Kane's book

    thanks for the giveaway :)

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  14. Have a happy blogoversary and best wishes for the upcoming year!

  15. These books sound very interesting, I guess should start buying the previous books in the series.
    Happy blogoversary!

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    Happy Blogoversary!

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