Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Holy Release Day, Batman!

Holy cow!
There are A LOT of awesome books releasing today!

Do you notice that some dates are super popular for book releases? Today, June 26th, is one such date. I just had to share these releases with you because there are so many wonderful books coming out today!

Go ahead. . . . .do a little shopping, I won't tell. . . . .

(Click on cover to go to Amazon)


Ridiculous, right?
And this isn't even all the books that release today, these are just the ones that fit this blog best.

Which books are you the most excited for?
Which will you be buying?


  1. I have found that the first and definitely last Tuesdays of the month are when mass markets come out. Roc and Daw tend to be on the first, while Ace, Pocket, and Orbit tend to be the last. Young Adults don't have as much of a pattern that I've seen, but it never fails that YAs I want will come out on the first or last when I have a bunch of mass markets I want too.

    1. Forgot to add, I'm definitely picking up Changeling, Once Burned, and Tarnished. I'm not pu to date on the rest.


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