Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Goldilox Goes to Orlando: Jennifer Armentrout Signing

Guys! I did something super fun today!

I went to the Jennifer Armentrout signing in Orlando, FL! I met Jennifer PLUS cover models Pepe (SWOON!) and Stzella! I also got to finally meet some of my blogger buddies in person, Laura from Little Read Riding Hood and Jenese from Readers Confession! I also got to meet Sara from Sara's Urban Fantasy Blog and some other bloggers that were on various Daemon Invasion street teams (but sadly, no pictures). 

Here we are waiting impatiently for everyone to arrive:

(Laura, me, Janese)

(Please excuse my super gooberness in all these pictures!)

Finally, everyone arrived. . . . .and they were awesome! Jennifer was totally hilarious and laid back and Pepe and Stzella were just as gorgeous in person.

Below is a video (you will probably have to turn up your volume) of Jennifer Armentrout talking about her inspiration for Obsidian and how the book almost didn't happen!

Sidenote: Jennifer wrote this book in about a week! - Gasp! -

And here is an adorable video of Pepe talking about how he and Stzella met, the details of which Stzella seemed to disagree with, lol! Again, the volume is low and he has an accent so turn up the volume!

And after the Q&A session, the team from Entangled passed out Onyx ARCs (I know!!!) and had us line up so we could get them, along with any other books we brought with us, signed by Jennifer, Pepe, and Stzella! I actually already read an e-galley of Onyx on my Kindle, but I was super excited to finally have real print copies of both Obsidian and Onyx!

And finally, my FAVORITE picture of the day:

I had SO much fun today and I'm super happy that I got to meet Jennifer, Pepe, Stzella, the ladies form Entangled, Laura, Jenese, and all the other bloggers and fans of Daemon!

Are you new to this wonderful series? You can check out my review of Obsidian HERE


  1. Great pics, Christen! And Pepe sure is smokin'! Lucky girl ;-)

  2. It was SO GREAT to meet you too! We have got to meet up more often. :-)

  3. Great pics! Did you take Pepe home with you?

  4. Oh that does sound like a fun time! Go you!!!

  5. OMG, it looks like so much fun. not only you meet author but also get to see the cover models.
    I say you should have fed something to Pepe and kidnaped him for us.

    I'm sure you had lots of fun chatting about books with Laura and Jenese.

    Great pictures.

  6. I am so jealous of of you ! Oh, well I'm glad I can live vicariously through your videos and post! That is such a great picture.

  7. Woohoo!! That's awesome :D I know what I fan you are of these books *teehee* so you must have been stoked!

    ♥Isalys / Book Soulmates


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