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Giveaway and Character Interview "Jupe" from Arcadia Bell series!

Welcome to my Birthday Bash!
This is day #2!

Today, I am SUPER excited to have a special guest here with me! 

Jupe from the Arcadia Bell series by Jenn Bennett has graced us with his effervescent teenage presence! Jupe is the teenage son of Lon, sexy demon and all-around good guy. Jupe is one of the best-loved "teen kids" in the genre and my natural first choice to visit the blog today!

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Kindling the Moon (Arcadia Bell, #1)   Summoning the Night (Arcadia Bell, #2)

Okay, okay, Jupe is poking my hip wanting his turn to speak - so read on to learn more about him. . . . .and then enter to win a signed copy of one of the Arcadia Bell books below!

Goldilox: Jupe, thank you so much for being here with me today! How are things going?

Jupe: Hey, thanks for having me! I like your blog name. Pretty funny. I looked around for a photo of you, but I couldn't find one. You should put one up. How old are you? If you're in your twenties, I don't think that's too old, so don't be afraid to tell me. I'm not a weirdo or anything.

Goldilox: Glad you approve of the name, but I do think I'm a little old for you! Why don't we move on and get down to business. What do you really think of Cady? Do you like her as much as you let on?

Jupe: Cady's the ish!!! She's cool and funny, and she's pretty smart. She's also got good taste—her bar is stellar. She appreciates cool stuff. Geek-chic, and all that. And I like the way she dresses. But it's not like I like her. Not that way. I mean, she's pretty hot, so I can see why my dad's into her—especially since he likes girls with nice butts. But don't tell her I said that, because I don't want her to think that I go around thinking that about her that way, you know? Because that would be weird. And I'm not a weirdo, as I already said. Crap. This is making me uncomfortable. Ugh. Next question, please.

Goldilox: Okay, Cady's got a nice butt and you're definitely not a weirdo. . . . .got it. How do you feel about being a demon? Granted, you and your dad are much different than most demons I've read about, but still...a demon! Do you ever wish you were just a human kid?

Jupe: You're not a demon, right? I don't see the Nox symbol on your blog, so I'm going to assume you're not a demon. But since you know I'm a demon, then I guess you're not a savage, either. That's cool. I've got a lot of human friends who aren't savages, and they believe I'm a demon, even though they can't see my halo. I dunno, I guess most of the time I like being a demon. Earthbound and proud!!!!!! But sometimes I get tired of keeping my mouth shut around savage humans. It's easy to slip up and say some shit in front of them you're not supposed to, like talking about knacks and stuff.

Goldilox: Cady does some pretty cool magic. What is the first thing you would do if you had her magic skills?

Jupe: O-o-oh, man! Cady has crazy skills! She's probably the best magician in California. I'm just guessing. I've seen her beat the snot out of another magician who was a total bitch. And she's pulled me down off a roof with magick. When's the last time someone did that to you? Never, right? She has all these spells on her arm, and she can use one of them to turn invisible. I-n-v-i-s-i-b-l-e. How freakin' badass is that? Man, if I could do that spell, I'd use it to scare assholes at school. Like, hey: now you see me, now you don't. Boom!

Goldilox: I've always wanted the invisibility super power! Glad you agree that Cady's magic is wicked awesome! So, come on Jupe, do you have the hots for anyone besides Cady's friend Kar Yee? Any girls your age strike your fancy?

Jupe: Kar Yee is a woman with class. And she's really, really hot. It's like the girls at school don't even compare. I mean, take Marina, for instance. She's this girl in my class. Her parents are from Spain, but she can't even speak Spanish! How stupid is that? I always score higher than her on Spanish tests. And, sure, maybe I shouldn't throw that in her face, but she could try to handle it with more class instead of just yelling at me all the time. She's so sensitive. I know she thinks I'm hot, because she wrote it in a note to one of her friends. But the one time I told her that she looked nice, she slapped me. I couldn't slap her back, because she's a girl, and that's not cool. But I thought girls like it when guys notice stuff? I mean, she should be happy she has to wear a bra now. It's nothing to get mad about. Sheesh!

Goldilox: Maybe you should get your dad's opinion before you compliment any more girls. . . . . So, anyway, you just recently found out what your "knack" is. Are we going to get to find out more about that knack soon?

Jupe: It's called Persuasion, according to my doctor, but I like to call it my Obi-Wan power. I've been practicing using it. You want to see it in action? I could talk you into doing anything. I mean, ANYTHING. I wish it worked over the internet, because I'd make you put up that photo. I'm not dating anyone, by the way—you know, in case you're hot. Or in case anyone reading this is hot. Now, when I turn 16, I'm spoken for. That's when Kar Yee's going to let me take her on a date in my 1967 GTO . . . which I'm restoring myself, by the way. Pretty cool, right?! But until then, all of this is yours for the taking, ladies!!!

Goldilox: Did you hear that ladies? Come and get you a piece of Jupe! Lon and Cady often describe you as hyperactive and say you talk non stop (shocker). How would you describe yourself?

Jupe: Sure, I know I probably talk too much sometimes, but I'm just curious. Isn't it better to ask questions and notice things than to sit around like a bump on a log? And some people prefer a guy with good verbal skills. One of my teachers says I'm charming. And Cady's always laughing at my jokes. So I must be doing something right!

Fast Five:

Favorite movie?

Oh, shit! This is a hard one. I'm going to have to say it's a three-way tie between Creature From the Black Lagoon, The Blob, and Foxy Brown.

Tastiest candy?
I'm not allowed to have candy. My dad says it makes me hyper. But sometimes Cady and I sneak it. I like anything gummy and sour. I especially love those Cherry Sours you can get at the movie theater. I've eaten two big boxes of those during one movie. Pretty impressive, right?

Best place in the world?
Hawaii. My dad took me there once for a photo shoot he was doing. Girls walk around in bikinis there.

Most special person?
Kar Yee: if you're reading this, it's you!!!

Best thing about being you?
I can name the cast, director, and most of the crew from every Universal horror movie. That's gotta come in handy at some point!

Thank you to Jupe for being here with me today! And a BIG thank you to Jenn Bennett for letting me borrow him!

Check out this wonderful urban fantasy series:

And now for a chance to win! 
Jenn is kindly offering a signed copy of either Kindling the Moon or Summoning the Night. So even if you already own both you have an incentive to enter - it signed for heaven's sake! And if you have not started the series or haven't read book two, now is a great time!

You must be 13 or older to enter. To receive a signed copy you must live in either the U.S. or Canada, but if you are international you can still enter to win a copy from Book Depository!

Enter on the Rafflecoptor form below!

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  1. hi!

    i'm really interested by this serie but i haven't gotten the opportunity to read it yet so thanks you for having added an opportunity for international too

    all the best

  2. Jupe, you are too cool for school! Hilarious interview! It was such a pleasure to read ;)

    1. Jupe would be so happy to know you thought so. :-)

  3. That was a really amusing interview! I'm ashamed to say this series is still on my TBR list! bad Alana!

  4. Wonderful giveaway and blog hop!! butterfli262002@yahoo.com

  5. It was fun! Great interview! Jupe, I hope someday you would get your own book)))

    1. I'm thinking this might be a possibility. :)

  6. Loved your interview Jupe! Too funny! Thanks for the awesome giveaway:)


  7. I love Jupe! What a great character.

    1. I feel certain he'd love you right back! :)

  8. This was wonderful thank you!!

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  10. That was awesome! I can never get enough of Jupe.

  11. Happy Birthday!!
    What a awasome interview, love it. I haven't read this series yet, and stil in my wish list.
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway:)

  12. Great character interview! ^_^
    Thank you for the giveaway!!

  13. Oh man, Jupe, I so wish I was younger. LOL I'm sure your dad has also told you that using your knack on girls/women is a big no-no. That could go badly:)

    Brenda Hyde-- I have two accounts.

    1. Ooooh, yes. You'll get to witness Lon's NEVER USE YOUR KNACK ON GIRLS speech in December's Leashing the Tempest novella. Along with more Jupe and Kar Yee interaction. :D

  14. I adore this series, and Jupe in particular, so this interview had me laughing out loud. Fantastic!

  15. I looooove Jupe. Awesome interview, one of my favorite ever. :)

    1. Awe, yay! That makes me very happy! :D

  16. What a terrific interview! :-D I haven't read Jenn's series yet, but I already have the 1st book on my shelf and after this interview I'm even more excited to dive in! :-D

  17. Wow, Jupe has awesome interview skills. People should be taking notes... :)

    1. Cari: I'm not sure about "awesome," but I'm betting he would certainly think so, LOL! ;)

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  21. Hi Jupe - just Universal horror movies? What about all the great hammer horror films? :-)

  22. Hey Jupe, I know you really like Kar Lee but you should check out other options too. If you want I can take you out and find you someone.

  23. I used to not like to read books with children in them, but Jupe changed all of that for me! He is my favorite character in this series! I love him!

    Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  24. Hi, Jupe! This was a great interview! I think you are very funny and seem to be charming. :)
    I have a teen niece you could meet. ;) Thank you for sharing with us.
    Thank you for the giveaway.


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