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30 Days of Daemon Blog Tour and Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the 30 Days of Daemon blog tour! 

Check out all the other stops in the tour:

Obsidian (Lux, #1) Shadows (Lux, #0.5) Onyx (Lux, #2)

For my stop, I am gracing you with Daemon's presence! Well, kind of. 

I am posting a collection of some of my favorite Daemon quotes and moments from Obsidian. If you have already read and loved the book, this will certainly get you even more excited to see Daemon again in Onyx. If you're new to the series, these quotes from the super sexy and oh-so-infuriating Daemon will surely convince you to start it!

First, some eye candy:

**runs off to take cold shower**

Okay, I'm back. Here are some wonderful moments with the god who is Daemon Black:

Katy: “Why are you such an ass?" The words came out before I could think twice.
Daemon: "Everyone has to excel at something, right?"
Katy: "Well, you're doing a great job.” 


Daemon: “You look like you got more of a bath than the car. I never
thought washing a car would be so hard, but after watching you for the last fifteen minutes, I’m convinced it should be an Olympic sport.” 


Random guy: “Ash is going to kick your ass, Daemon."
Daemon's grin went up a notch. 
Daemon: "Nah, she likes my ass too much for that.” 


Daemon: “I bet you think things through, right? Accept candy
from strangers and get into vans with a sign that reads free Kittens?”


“Daemon arched a brow. 'Are you feeling me up, Kat? I'm liking where this is heading.”

Katy thinking as she lays in bed with Daemon (no, unfortunately its not what you think. . . . .)

“For a moment, I pretended. Not that we weren't two different species, because I didn't see him that way, but that we actually liked each other. 

And then he shifted and rolled. I was on my back, and he was still on the move. His face burrowed into the space between my neck and shoulder, nuzzling. Sweet baby Jesus...Warm breath danced over my skin, sending shivers down my body. His arm was heavy against my stomach, his leg between mine, pushing up and up. Scorched air fled my lungs. 

Daemon murmured in a language I couldn't understand. Whatever it was, it sounded beautiful and soft. Magical. Unearthly. 

I could've woken him up but for some reason I didn't. The thrill of him touching me was far stronger than anything else. 

His hand was on the edge of the borrowed shirt, his long fingers on the strip of exposed flesh between the hem on the shirt and the band of the worn pajama bottoms. And his hand inched up under the shirt, across my stomach, where it dipped slightly. My pulse went into cardiac territory. The tips of his fingers brushed my ribs. His body moved, his knee pressed against me. 

I gasped. 

Daemon stilled. No one moved. The clock on the wall ticked. 

And I cringed.”


“Daemon stilled above me. 'I won't hurt you, Kat.' His tone was softer, but still laced with fury as he tried to control me without doing any real damage. 'I could never hurt you.” 

(Daemon and Katy in class. . . . .Daemon speaks first)

"You owe me. Again." I stared at him for a long moment. The warning bell rang, but it seemed far away. My chest lurched. "I don't owe you anything," I said, low enough for only us to hear. "I have to disagree." Leaning closer, he tipped the edge of his desk down. There were only a few inches between our mouths. Totally inappropriate amount of space, really, since we were in class, and he had a girl on his lap yesterday. "You're nothing like I expected." "What did you expect?" I was sort of turned on by the fact I had surprised him. Weird. My eyes dropped to his poetic lips. Such a waste of a mouth. "You and I have to talk." "We have nothing to talk about." His gaze dropped and the air suddenly felt steamy. Unbearable. "Yes," he said, voice low, "we do. Tonight.".....The teacher cleared his throat. Blinking tightly, I saw that we had the entire class transfixed.

(taken from Daemon's POV of chapter 26, on author's blog)

Daemon: “Well, the jumping jacks… for an hour or so should do it.” I was only half serious when I made the suggestion, but then my gaze dropped over the front of her shirt. Suddenly, I wanted nothing more than to see her jump around. “You may want to change first.”


Sooooooooooooooo . . . . did that whet your whistle? If you are new to this series, check out my review of Obsidian HERE

Then, enter to win an ebook of Obsidian for Kindle or Nook on the Rafflecopter form below! 
This is international, as long as you have a Kindle or Nook and can receive ebooks. You must be 13 or older to enter. 

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  1. Wow! !! Loved all the moments! ! Made me want to re read Obsidian! !!

  2. This post has piqued my interest in the book! Looks like fun!

  3. Ok, just saw the subject line for the comment...would it be bad that I don't have a YA hottie? Hmmm...anyone from the Wicked Lovely series. I love all of Marr's characters in that series. :)

  4. oh gosh, I'm reading this book right now, and let's just say that my heart rate hasn't been normal since then, so Daemon definitely!

  5. This is hard I like a lot of the YA boys but Daemon has definently struck my intrest.

  6. Thanks for a great giveaway! I 'd have to say Four from Divergent :)

  7. Write love the quotes...such banter! Are we sure this is YA...just checking. My fav YA Hottie is Dmitri from Vampire Academy...and yes he's technically not a YA...but that's my choice and I'm sticking to it...but maybe Daemon will knock him out!

  8. I love the quotes/moments you chose! Awesome post :-)

  9. Oh please. Hands down, it's Daemon :D

    Thanks for the quotes/moments! Definitely some of my many favorites as well :)

    Alyssa Susanna

  10. Fun post! I enjoyed the pics and quotes. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Jacob Black from Twilight is my favorite.
    Thanks a lot for the giveaway!

  12. Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite is Will from Masque of the Red Death.

  13. My favorite YA hottie is Po from Graceling! Love his beautiful eyes :)

  14. So far it's Four/Tobias from Divergent.

  15. Ron from Harry Potter would be my favorite YA hottie - I like the caste-out's... or the ones that get picked on or whatever. Plus, he doesn't like spiders and I do. So, I'd hope I could change his mind or help him see them as NOT being horrible. lol.


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