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Blog Tour and Guest Post: Until Next Time

Until Next Time
(The Angel Chronicles #1)
Amy Lignor
Tribute Books
Released: February 1, 2012

How does a girl choose between the one who steals her heart and the one who owns her soul?

Matt and Emily were created for a specific job. Raised and trained as the ultimate angel/warrior team, they are sent down to save, defend, judge and forgive, depending on the 'life' they've been assigned. What they don't realize is that the power of human emotions, such as love, anger, passion and fear can take over even the best of souls, causing them to make mistakes and follow paths that lead to confusion and heartache.

When the reason for their training is finally revealed, the angel/warrior team find themselves thrust into a world they know nothing about. Matt takes over the life of Daniel, a young man with a great deal of baggage. Emily becomes Liz, a girl living in a remote village who relies on nothing more than her own strength to survive. A violent storm erupts one night, and framed in the window of Liz's establishment is a frightening face. Let in by the soul of a Good Samaritan, the two visitors bring with them a past full of secrets that could literally change an angel's path and a warrior's plans.

From murder to redemption, this angel/warrior team must find a way to keep the faith they have in each other in a world that's ripping them apart.


Amy Lignor, author of Until Next Time, is joining us today to give us her take on why angels have become so popular in the YA world! 

Read on:

The Ethereal Escape

It comes as no big shock whatsoever that the world of the paranormal has become the most sought-after genre in the world.  Reality - no offense - is not exactly at its ‘brightest’ right now.  From war to unemployment to poverty to crime and the bullying that’s taking over the headlines, it’s actually healthy to pick up a book and get lost in a different world for a while.

Whether you’re headed to a ‘regular’ town that just happens to have angels or vampires living there, or you head into the future - to a dystopian world that is actually a calming influence because in some cases it’s way worse than present-day - being somewhere else for a while makes real life a whole lot easier to deal with. 

I even love the debate that’s occurring between the ‘winged ones’ versus the ‘fanged ones’ right now.  There was certainly a vampire takeover for a while.  As a full-time book reviewer, I swear to you I’ve read about vampires that are everything from gardeners to CIA agents to circus performers.  But as they begin to fade just a tad, the ‘winged ones’ are taking over.  Lauren Kate, Becca Fitzpatrick, Cassandra Clare, Kami Garcia and a slew of others, have brought angels back to life. 

I like to think of this literary movement as the Ethereal Escape.  Whether you are a fan of vamps, werewolves, witches, or angels - they bring us into a new dimension.  We can experience battles that go well beyond the human experience; we can fall in love, feel the desperation of two characters from completely different times, and route for the hero or heroine.  These eternal beings give us hope.  They also spur the imagination to the point where a great deal of people are sitting down in front of their computers to tell a tale.  It’s like the ‘divine’ button has been pushed, allowing people who didn’t believe they could write to take a chance because of the passion they feel for these eternal characters. 

I always wondered if a ‘new’ angel would even want to come down here and protect, defend, save, judge, forgive, and all that other good stuff.  I wondered if once they were in this environment if the human emotions would tear them apart, seeing as that a ‘fresh’ angel right off the line would have to put up with the ‘darkness’ that’s down here.  That’s why I created Matt and Emily.  I really wanted readers to see a true team that was going through what we were going through, and how they handled keeping their faith and love in each other in a world filled with brand new things - good and bad.

I hope this new eternal partnership will entice, thrill, and excite all readers, and allow Matt and Emily to become your new ‘divine’ friends.  In my mind, they are a true set who bring a whole lot of light and faith into a sometimes dark and difficult reality. 

Until Next Time, Everybody.


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  1. Christen, thanks for hosting Amy on your wonderful blog. It's great to see a resurgence of angels in YA novels from Lauren and Becca to Cassandra and Kami - and now of course, Amy - these talented writers have given us a realm of "winged" characters to root for.


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