Sunday, October 2, 2011

Blood Bound by Rachel Vincent

Blood Bound (Unbound, #1)Blood Bound by Rachel Vincent

" 'I don't care what you've heard. I do not kill people for money!' Much. Anymore." (Liv)

Well, Rachel Vincent, that's three series you've got me hooked on now. What else do you have up your sleeve?

Blood Bound is an amazing and unique story that grew on me more and more until the very last page. I immediately liked the heroine, Liv Warren. She was strong, independent, and totally screwed up. Her secrets unfolded slowly throughout the story and just when I thought I knew everything about her something else would come to light. Both Liv and Cam are messed up from not only what happened in their past, but the line of work they both are in. They are both equally gritty and unafraid to get their hands dirty. Even though they are the good guys, they are not always the good guys. Cam took a little longer to grow on me. I'm not sure why. Perhaps because we don't read from his point of view quite as much as from Liv's.

Yes, the POV changes in this book. Don't cringe and run away, it's okay! I was not a big fan of the switching, however I appreciated the reasons for it and I liked the opportunity to see Liv through Cam's eyes sometimes. Cam has his own secrets and those surface just as slowly as Liv's. Liv and Cam were once a couple in love, but Liv made a run for it and never explained to Cam why she left. He has kept himself close to her, but with a mutual friend asking for both of their help in finding her husband's murderer they are forced to actually work together. Of course, tension and angsty questions ensue.

“Her mouth was open, as if she wanted to say something, and I wanted to kiss her to show her that sometimes you don't need words. Sometimes they only get in the way, and you end up talking yourself out of things you need. People you want.” (Cam)

Of course a major part of the book is the feisty relationship between Liv and Cam and as the story continued I liked them together more and more and wanted them to get over whatever the heck was going on that was keeping them apart!

The world Vincent has created is really the biggest star here. Once again, she has taken some elements that may have been used elsewhere and twisted and turned them until they were her own. The paranormal element here is the Skilled. Some people are born with special talents and abilities and these can be passed on hereditarily. It is known that these abilities exist, but the government has chosen not to recognize them. Liv and Cam are both Trackers. They can track a person down based on a blood sample or a name. The fresher the sample or the more parts of the name, the better. Other Skills include being a Traveler (able to travel through shadows), a Reader (able to tell if someone is telling the truth), a Seer (able to see visions of the future), and many others that I will leave for you to discover as you read. I love love love how Vincent takes these elements and winds them together. She doesn't try to explain the Skills with another paranormal or fantasy element, she is content to just let them be.

Read this one!


  1. I agree, the star of this book was definitely the world building. Simply incredible! What an imagination Rachel Vincent has! I loved her Shifters series and have read the first book in her YA one tpp. Everything she writes is absolutely stellar! I can't wait to see where she takes the Unbound world from here!

  2. Great review... I'll definitely have to add this to the pile ;)


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