Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Prey (Shifters #4) by Rachel Vincent

This is the five star worthy installment in this series that I've been waiting for! There is A LOT going on in this book!

Prey begins with Faythe and a group of enforcers on their way to Manx's hearing. They make a pit stop along the way to visit the recently exiled Marc in his new home and get ambushed by a large group of stray werecats. Pretty unusual, and suspicious, for strays to gather in such a big group. Then Marc goes missing...yes, I said missing! Marc's mysterious disappearance fuels the plot for most of the book as Faythe goes all out to solve the mystery of what the strays are up to and find Marc.

I say that the search for Marc fuels most, and not all, of the book's plot because, as mentioned above, there is a lot happening in this book! There are two HUGE surprises - one that had my jaw hitting my chest and my copy of Prey almost taking a flight across the room. This one is so much more emotional than previous books, and I know - that's hard to say. The level of emotion here was off the charts. For the middle 100 pages my stomach was tied in a huge knot.

The ongoing feud between Faythe's pride and Calvin Malone, Alpha of another werecat Pride, continues to escalate in this book as well. That guy really irks me and he is no less outrageous in this one. The side story going on between Faythe's father, the Alpha, and Malone is a nice addition. I like when a series has an ongoing plot that carries throughout the books to tie them together.

This series just keeps getting more intense! I love the dramatic build up that is happening from book to book, as well as Vincent's change in scenery for each of them. I cannot wait to see what happens in the next in the series, since this one definitely sets up some plot points that will continue in Shift.


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  2. Looking forward to reading this one.


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