Friday, July 29, 2016

Blogoversary: Top Five Weres Wanna Know Posts

Woo! The Goldilox and the Three Weres Blogoversary Week continues! This year we started a new feature called Weres Wanna Know where we post about topics we want to discuss. We've been floored by the amount of participation that each post gets. We love our discussions! Since this is a new feature, we decided to highlight our five favorites that we've posted so far.

Gretl started this fascinating discussion about rating books. It was interesting to discover that were on complete different ends of the spectrum. She is way more stingy than I am on how often she gives a book 5 stars.

I've always been a major rereader but it was only recently that I discovered that some people never reread books. People had pretty decided opinions in the comments sections. Do you reread? Why or why not?

This was a fun post by Gretl! I've always thought about Easter Eggs in terms of pop culture and literary references. She pointed out that some authors with multiple series like Jennifer Estep put Easter Eggs from one series into one in another series. I will never read Estep's books the same again! Time to watch for all the hidden references!

Ah. Summer. A time full of beach visits, vacations, and lots and lots of reading.

Who doesn't love a great anti-hero?

It's An Owl Giveaway!
Because it's our fifth birthday, we're giving away books! Today's delightful prize are the first two books in the Adventures of Owl series by Kristi Charish and an owl necklace made by our own Gretl.

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