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Top 10 of 2012: Best Covers of 2012

Welcome to the Top 10 of 2012, hosted by Confessions of a BookaholicFiktshunTwo Chicks on Books, and Magical Urban Fantasy Reads!!! 

I am very excited to participate in this weeklong event to share my faves of 2012! Here is the schedule for this week:

Monday, December 24th 
Best Adult Books I've Read in 2012 

Tuesday, December 25th 
Best Book Covers of 2012

Wednesday, December 26th 
Best YA Books I've Read in 2012

Thursday, December 27th 
Best Book Boyfriends of 2012

Friday, December 28th 
Top 10 Books I'm looking forward to in 2013

Welcome to my second Top 10 of the week:

Best Covers of 2012

Even White Trash Zombie Get the Blues
(White Trash Zombie #2)
Diana Rowland
The cover of the first book in this series is one of my all time favorites and this cover comes in only slightly behind it. My favorite part? Her blue and white socks...stockings...whatever they are. Love.

Gunmetal Magic
(Kate Daniels World #1)
Illona Andrews
Love the colors, the Atlanta background, and how spot on Andrea looks - with her gun and everything! Easy to tell its part of the Kate Daniels series but different enough from the other titles to stand apart.

(Lotus War #1)
Jay Kristoff
Here is a cover that caused a stir in the blogging community prior to its release. The cover was not only beautiful and different for a young adult book, but the cover elements (something like a bird/tiger mix is flying in the sky and a young Asian girl is holding a giant sword like she know to use it) made everyone wonder what the heck it would be about. And that's exactly what a good cover should do! 

Third Grave Dead Ahead
(Charley Davidson #3)
Darynda Jones
Even though I featured the fourth book in this series in my top ten adult reads yesterday, its the cover of this one, the third book in the Charley Davidson series, that gets on the best covers list. I just love the hot red smoky background, the Chucks, and the sassy way she's standing. 

(Lunar Chronicles #1)
Marissa Meyer
Seeing this cover online doesn't really do it justice. In person, this simple cover packs a punch with beautiful, raised silver lettering a a gorgeous red. And i love the incorporation of Cinder's cyborg parts as just a shadow within the leg...love it!

Discount Armageddon
(InCryptid #1)
Seanan McGuire
Love it all - the cityscape, the moon, the sassy looking woman in unusual all pink attire sitting atop a roof holding a gun... This cover spawned a lot of discussion online before the book was even close to being released. It turns out the intriguing cover actually fits the story inside about a ballroom dancer who moonlights as an helper/hunter of paranormal and mythological creatures.

Masque of the Red Death
(Masque of the Red Death #1)
Bethany Griffin
This is a beautiful and haunting cover that totally speaks to the tone of the book itself. The dark red and black is perfect and I adore the slinky dress and umbrella because, again, they completely match Araby in the story. 

The Shattered Dark
(McKenzie Lewis #2)
Sandy Williams
There's not one flashy thing about this cover but for some reason it speaks to me. I think the sunset purple is beautiful and I love the model and her sword (even though McKenzie very rarely uses a sword in the series). I also love the contrast of the cityscape of the human world and the little peek into the Fae world.

Girl of Nightmares
(Anna #2)
Kendare Blake
This cover rivals the one from Anna Dressed in Blood. The part gray, part red is gorgeous but its the girl with the haunting expression that kicks it up a notch.

God Save the Queen
(The Immortal Empire #1)
Kate Locke
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This cover is funky, sassy, and unique, which is perfect because so is God Save the Queen. I love Xandra's little hat cocked to the side, her crazy steampunk-esque outfit, and the smirk on her face.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for:
 Best YA Books I've Read in 2012!

Do you love these covers as much as I do?


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