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Stefan vs. Damon: The Great Debate

Damon vs. Stefan
The Great Debate

So if you're a fan of the CW's version of crack, a.k.a. The Vampire Diaries, you most likely have an opinion as to who Elena should choose in next week's season finale. I know I myself am Team Damon (Oh he of the eyebrow), but I must say that I cannot hate on Team Stefan! So I want to know what all you fans are thinking - should Elena go with the safe bet and pick Stefan? Or should she go with the wild card, Damon?

Here are some goodies to help you make your decision:

First we MUST start with the game changer - THE KISS. Damon and Elena have had moments here and there over the last three seasons, but nothing comes even close to this passionate mini-makeout session (which I promptly rewound and watched three times. . .):

Now I certainly didn't remember any scenes quite that steamy between Elena and Stefan, but then again their relationship is completely different. And then I found the clip shown below, of the first time Stefan and Elena. . .er hmm . . .and it's quite hot! Of course, it doesn't hurt that Paul Wesley has one of the best bodies on television:

Okay, so you've at least been shown two equally spicy scenes - can't say I was biased! So, let's really break it down here, because both Stefan and Damon are gorgeous, passionate, and totally in love with Elena. What's a girl to do?

 Stefan is clearly the better man. He lets Elena make decisions that affect her life, let's her choose what she wants, and can be level-headed when needed. He is honorable and is the first to say (in Thursday's episode) that if Elena chooses Damon he will leave town and let them be happy.

Damon is the man who will do anything to keep Elena safe. He even made her drink his blood once when she was going to sacrifice herself to Klaus (so that after she died she'd come back as a vampire). He didn't let her choose to die because that was what she wanted. He can never be level-headed when it comes to Elena because his passion for her runs so deep. He doesn't care about being honorable or doing the right thing, he only cares about Elena.

So why do I want Elena to choose Damon?

Stefan is the man that wants what's best for you. 
Damon is the man that just wants you.

I believe ghost Rose summed it up best a couple episodes ago:

*Edited to add*
 *Friday 5/11*
Spoiler Alert 
if you haven't yet watched the finale!

After seeing the season finale, I am even more pro-Damon than ever! I could not believe the decision Stefan made regarding Elena, Matt, and the truck. I guess I shouldn't be surprised - typical Stefan being the hero and letting Elena make her choices. But he basically let her. . .die! I mean, really! He didn't know that she would come back. He let her tell him to save Matt and he did it. Damon never would have made that decision. He would have yanked her ass out of the truck even if it meant she would hate him forever. And he would do it because he loves her loves her loves her. Would she have despised him for saving her instead of Matt? Of course. But he would have done it anyway because there is no way in hell he could have let her die. He would do it knowing she would be pissed and he might never get a chance with her, but he wouldn't care because at least it would mean she was alive. I was surprised that Stefan could save Matt, knowing what it meant for Elena.

I'm sure that decision will be brought up. . .by Damon. . .next season.

So. . . where do you stand? Which team are you on and who do you think is best for Elena?

Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Damon of course! How could she not choose the man that wants her so bad and truly cares about her. Plus, come on, it doesn't get much hotter than this sexy, brooding vamp!

  2. I am Team Stefan :) I just love that he lets her make her own decisions... I mean he is so selfless when it comes to her which shows how much he really cares, I mean he said he would go away if she wanted to be with Damon. I just love seeing Elena and Stefan be together, it just feels right :) I can't wait until the season finale to see what is going to happen!

  3. You give the perfect reason why she should choose Damon. I'm completely with you on this. However, I think Elena has to mature a little to see this and to deserve him. Also, I'm getting tired of the whole who-will-she-pick drama. Both brothers have their good sides and their faults. Great post!

  4. Damon all the way!!!!
    And for some reason I want to see Caroline with Klaus...

  5. I love both Stefan & Damon!! I can't stand the thought of one getting their heart broke. :(


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