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Best of 2017: Favorite Adult Books

Top 10 of 2017 is "a fun-filled week where we look back at some of the best of all things books of 2017 and look ahead to what we can’t wait for in 2018." It's hosted by Rachel at Fiktshun, Jaime of Two Chicks on Books, Nancy and Christy of Tales of the Ravenous Reader, Bridget of Dark Faerie Tales, and new this year, Fallon of Seeing Double in Neverland and Take Me Away To A Great Read.

Today's topic is the fill-in the blank day so we want to continue talking about our Favorite Books of the year with 
Our Favorite Adult Books of 2017.

There aren't a lot of surprises on our list this year. While we love our auto-buy authors, we wish that we had found more new/new-to-us authors and books than we did.

White Hot by Ilona Andrews
White Hot was everything we hoped for in this book: fun family banter, amazing chemistry between Nevada and Rogan, complicated enemies, and lots of action. We couldn't put it down once we picked it up and we have two words for you: spy ferrets.

You can read Rose Red's review here.

Wildfire by Ilona Andrews
 Wildfire starts off a few hours after the conclusion of White Hot and it was a ride from that point on. It was amazing! While the book wraps most things up, the authors have mentioned that they plan to write at least one more book with Nevada and Rogan and maybe more in the universe. And that is very much how the novel reads. We really need their publisher to buy that book from them because we need it in our lives!

You can read Rose Red's review here.

Silver Silence by Nalini Singh
Silver Silence was bloody brilliant and I couldn't put it down once I had started it. I found this book overwhelmingly charming but I don't know what I loved more about it: learning more about Silver and the Mercants, the awesome bear Changelings, or the romance. I loved the books we spent with the leopard and wolf packs but I absolutely loved the bears! I can't wait to see what Singh does next in this world.

You can read Rose Red's review here.

Archangel's Viper by Nalini Singh
We finally have Venom's book and we are completely here for it! Out of all of Raphael's Seven, he's been the biggest enigma for a while. We absolutely loved this romance! Holly and Venom are so good once they got together and we loved learning more about them! We can't wait to see more of them in future books!

You can read our review here.

The Demon Prince by Ann Aguirre
I'm just in love with this series! The Demon Prince has a slightly different feel than book one for me since it focuses more on the world's medicine and technology and it definitely was a whole lot kinkier. The world reminds me a little bit of Anne Bishop's The Others series, but it's a romance so all of you who wished Simon and Meg would just do it definitely want to check this out.

You can read Gretl's review here.

Driving Rain by Sierra Dean
Driving Rain is a very bingeable read-in-one-day kind of book. It's also the kind that will rip your heart out and hand it back to you one piece at a time. I loved it! Tallulah has to solve a murder mystery during a Cleric convention or she'll face the wrath of an angry goddess as well as a killer. It was such a fun book! It's even better than the first one and I can't wait for more.

You can read Gretl's review here.

A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab
A Conjuring of Light was the series ender that I wanted it to be! It was full of action, heartache, and oddly enough, quite a few laughs. It's one of those books that will devastate you while managing to keep your hope that everything will turn out okay and it was hands down my favorite fantasy book of the year.

You can read Rose Red's review here.

Silence Fallen by Patricia Briggs
Silence Fallen is a different Mercy book than what I've come to expect from this series. It's different in a good way and is reminiscent of the time when Mercy was an army of one. I wasn't a big fan of having Adam and Mercy separated again but it worked. We did get multiple chapters from Adam's POV and that was great! His love for Mercy is absolutely adorable. What I really loved is getting to see more of this world through different eyes than Charles and Anna's. It was a great addition to a wonderful series and I can't wait to see what happens next.

You can read Rose Red's review here.

The Whyborne & Griffin Series by Jordan L. Hawk
This series was recommended to me by a friend who told me it was "kind of like Sherlock Holmes meets The Mummy (with Brendan Fraser) if Sherlock was an introverted museum philologist with an ex-Pinkerton Watson who fall in love with each other and encounter secret societies and eldritch-type horrors". I was immediately sold and I loved it so much! The romance was adorable and I could gush about the secondary characters all day. It's one of my new favorite series.

You can read Rose Red's RTFB post here.

The Sumage Solution by G. L. Carriger
I've been a huge fan of Gail Carriger's steampunk books for years now. So when I heard she was writing a m/m paranormal romance book, I knew I had to get my hands on it. The story surprised me on many levels. It was the witty, lighthearted, supernatural, romantic romp in a more modern setting that's pure Gail Carriger and it was everything I wanted it to be. I had high expectations for it and they were blown out of the water with how good it was! 

You can read Rose Red's review here.

The White Lily by Juliette Cross
I have loved each book so far in this series I've read this year but this book is hands down my favorite! There is something special about this series and its mashup of the paranormal and fairy tales. The White Lily was the Snow White retelling I never knew I wanted! I loved how elements from the original tale were included in this story and I adored the romance between Brennalyn and Friedrich. I've loved this series and can't wait to get my hands on the last book.

You can read Rose Red's review here.

The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal by K.J. Charles
The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal is really a collection of short stories chronicling how Simon and Robert's first meeting and different key cases that they worked on together. I loved this strange little collection of vignettes so much! I can't really go into detail about why I loved the ones I did because they are short stories and any talk of specifics would be spoilery. The romance is cute and a lot sweeter than I thought it would be when we're first introduced to one Simon Feximal. Robert is kind of naive and adorable which works to offset Simon's temperament. I can't recommend it enough!

You can read Rose Red's review here.

The Remaking of Corbin Wale by Roan Parrish
 I loved this little story so much! It is weird and magical and adorable. It's kind of what I've always imagined a romance novel that was written by Maggie Stiefvater would be like but also not. It's sweet, quirky, and a bit strange in parts and I fell in love with Roan Parrish's writing style from the first. It's a perfect read for the holiday season!

You can read Rose Red's Review here.

What were your favorite adult books of 2017?


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